Introducing, The Play Lab!

The Play Lab is a welcoming, collaborative space we've created to invite children into our design process. It’s full of objects to think with, play with, and inspire. This provides a place for:

  • Kid-driven feedback and the improvement of Makefully’s design work
  • Grownups and kids to play to learn from each other
  • A supportive community for children to ideate and create new things within

Do you have a child who would like to be a part of The Play Lab? Send us your info here!

production key art

Co-design with Kids

Our approach to child-centered design allows for children to become more inclusive partners in the design process. Designing media and technologies in this way creates a multidisciplinary partnership with children, and emphasizes context, activities, and developmental appropriateness. Plus, kids remind us how to stay playful, silly, and hopeful!

Through co-design with children we can:

  • Generate unexpected and delightful features that can make an experience more meaningful and effective
  • Get early and immediate feedback on the types of supports kids need to keep gameplay intuitive and get kids right into playing
  • Engage in rapid prototyping to explore a variety of features and gather authentic user feedback
  • Develop ideas for pathways that allow us to extend play off the screen