Illustrated portrait of Anna Jordan-Douglass

Anna Jordan-Douglass, PhD

Founder & Chief Creative Officer

Anna founded Makefully as a place to bridge research and practice in playful learning. She is endlessly curious, fueled by big ideas, and loves to laugh. Her expertise in designing learning ecosystems is evident from her work across digital media, learning games, animation, maker education, arts integration, and family & community learning. Her work is child-centered, and informs her approach to R&D.

As a designer, educator and researcher, her favorite thing to do is bring those activities together to create new and forward-thinking experiences. She hopes to spark curiosity and a love of learning for kids through story, making, collaboration, and problem solving.

Illustrated portrait of Miguel Montanez Jr.

Miguel Montanez Jr.

Co-founder & Chief Creative Technologist

Miguel is a big kid at heart that sees the world as a sandbox to create within and explore. He is passionate about playfully jumping in and figuring out innovative ways to tell stories and engage users in play on emerging platforms—both physical and digital.

As a proud "maker of things", Miguel is equal parts experience and product designer, interface and game developer, technologist and creative content strategist. His diverse skill set stems from over a decade of leading UI design and development teams, spearheading R&D efforts, and creating products for large media organizations, numerous start-ups and strategic partners across various industries.

Illustrated portrait of Justin Hilden

Justin Hilden

Creative Director

Justin is an animation artist who loves pastries and woodland creatures. His work for television, exhibits, and games spans 15 years at studios large and small. He is adept at creating original short-form animation like the comedy series "The Roadents," showcasing his nuanced ability to bridge heart and humor.

His thoughtful approach to creative development has successfully launched projects in children's entertainment, themed environments, games, and more. Justin leads his creative teams to focus on values of excellent craftsmanship, co-operative design, and real connection.