Purposeful Production

Makefully is a studio dedicated to the research, development and design of innovative educational technologies and media. We invite youth into our space for workshops and mentorship to develop creative ideas through creative arts production and making. This innovative space, where youth learn alongside industry experts, creates an authentic, hands-on learning experience where together we explore meaningful, impactful, purposeful production.


Our Mission

Makefully is dedicated to making meaningful, purposeful, impactful learning environments. This comes through in the work we do with our clients, and in the programs we run for youth to engage learners in purposeful production.

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Makefully is skilled at developing engaging educational experiences across digital and physical learning environments. With over a dozen years of digital media production experience in educational media, and a passion for using technology and media to foster connections and amplify learning, Makefully is adept at developing innovative solutions for playful and engaged learning. 

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Our Programs

Our programs let youth turn their creative ideas into games, videos, animations, stories, characters, puppets, digital music, podcasts... or anything else they want to create. Our programs foster collaboration, while creating a deep understanding of  design thinking, production cycles and processes, storytelling, creating compelling story arcs and characters, writing, publishing and distribution.

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