Our Programs

Kids don't just want to consume media - the want to make it. We help youth K-12 turn their creative ideas into games, videos, animations, stories, characters, puppets, digital music, podcasts... or anything else they want to create. Our expertise in media and education allows us to provide the mentorship and guidance to help makers learn how to use digital tools and build their technological fluency as they learn how to code, edit, design and create. At the same time, youth will form collaborations, and deepen their understandings of production cycles and processes, storytelling, creating compelling story arcs and characters, writing, publishing and distribution.

Youth Workshops and Camps

We provide custom programming to fit your environment. Across summer camps, after-school programs and in-school support and development, we can work with you to create curriculum and programs to fit your needs. Whether you are looking to develop a one-day overview workshop, or a multi-week camp, we can shape content and curriculum to provide a meaningful introduction to different areas of creative arts production.

Areas include:

video game design

Games are complex works that provide the opportunity for learning deeply about a variety of technical skills across programming, level design/puzzle making, art, writing, character development and sound design. Whether a one-day overview workshop, or a multi-week program where kids design and build their own game, we can help create an inspiring program for youth to understand more about how to think about creating their own video game. 

VIDEO production

Whether capturing short funny videos of friends, developing a YouTube series, or planning and shooting a music video or film, creating a great video requires knowledge of the production and post-production processes and tools available to make a project great. We'll take budding videographers through the production cycle, from pre-production and planning their project and scripts, to production skills such as how to frame and light their shots, get the most from their subjects and record using different devices, to post-production editing and publishing. 


Understanding how code works, and having the skills to create media with code is not only empowering, it's an important 21st century skill. Through code, youth can learn practical skills that allow them to express themselves, while gaining computational thinking skills such as problem-solving, decomposition, pattern recognition, organizing and analyzing data, and generalizing the application of solutions to other problems, all tools that can help learners achieve in other areas.


Understanding how to create your own animations to tell a story is a deeply satisfying - and fun - experience, and is a process we deeply admire. A wide range of programming can be crafted to explore this discipline, from learning the fundamentals of how to make an object move, to animating characters to interact with a scene, to stop motion animation to digital animation software. The possibilities are endless!

Podcasting and audio editing

Podcasts are a wonderful way to tell a story. We'll help youth identify a topic, record their audio, edit their podcast, and learn about publishing and distribution.

computer generated art

Artists can create amazing works of 2D and 3D art using digital tools. From photo editing to creating interesting visuals using pictures and type to character design, we can help youth understand the ins and outs of graphic design and illustration software.

Teacher Training

Many teachers are excited and eager to integrate digital tools and technology into their classrooms, but might not know where to begin. They know their students have different levels of exposure to tools and media outside of their classroom, and that most students find use of technology to make things to be an engaging process. We can work with teachers to introduce them to tools and resources to use to fit their classroom needs. We can also work in the classroom to aid the teacher with implementation and instruction of different tools and programs. 

Parents and Community Workshops

When parents engage collaboratively in creative production with their child, they are not only developing technological fluencies together, but are also creating pathways to better understand and support their child’s interests. Youth have access to a wide variety of creative production tools and sites to share their work and explore their interests. Some parents are uncomfortable or unsure of how to engage with their child in these areas, but are eager to understand more and even want to make games/videos/animations together. We can work together to help parents better understand the kinds of practices their children are engaging in online, as well as discover entry points to various pathways to support and engage in your child's interests.