Learning Environment design

Whether a digital or physical space, or an environment that merges the two, Makefully is skilled at creating engaging, entertaining experiences for kids and families, particularly around STEAM content and arts integration across a variety of contexts, including digital environments, informal learning environments, at home, and in the classroom.

Playful learning & game design

Play is learning. With years of experience designing and producing educational games and physical+digital learning systems, Makefully can help craft a meaningful, and fun, educational experience.

curriculum development

With experience designing curriculum for everything from elementary school workshops to semester-long university courses, from identifying and developing learning goals to writing full curriculum, Makefully can help with your educational program development.

cross-platform content development & strategy

Brands must leverage opportunities across channels and platforms to reach their audience where they are. Makefully can help identify opportunities and create content across platforms. Specialties include digital+physical play, games, toys, apps, offline activities and social media. 


Teaching artist

Connecting with youth around digital media production is at the heart of Makefully, and doing our work in the classroom is an important part of our mission. Whether a one hour workshop or series of visits, contact us to discuss how Makefully can help in your school. 



a few of the Organizations we've worked with