Purposful Production

Makefully is dedicated to making meaningful, purposeful, and impactful learning environments, across media, technology, classrooms, and camps. This comes through in our research, the work we do with our partners, and in the programs we run with youth to engage learners in the content design process and purposeful production.

production key art
Purposeful Production Process Diagram

Co-design with Kids

Makefully’s approach to child-centered design allows for children to become more inclusive partners in the design process with adults. Designing media and technologies in this way creates a multidisciplinary partnership with children, and emphasizes context, activities, and developmental appropriateness.

Through co-design with children we can:

  • Generate unexpected and delightful features that can make an experience more meaningful and effective;
  • Get early and immediate feedback on the types of supports a user needs;
  • Develop better pathways for extending play off the screen;
  • Engage in rapid prototyping alongside children to explore a variety of features at the prototype phase and get authentic user feedback.