Our Mission

Makefully is a studio dedicated to the research, development and design of innovative educational technologies and media that also offers workshops and mentorship to youth to develop creative ideas through creative arts production and making. We work with clients developing a wide range of learning media and technology projects, creative and curriculum development of children's properties, curriculum design, and cross-platform content strategy. 

We invite youth into this space to learn about media production and creating with technology alongside industry experts. Using technology to produce and design complex works and work in creative arts production through projects such as video games, app development, and creating novel and connected "smart" objects, empowers youth with a new toolset and can provide a gateway to interest in computing and technology. These projects are not only incredibly creative, they can also help youth develop new skills in programming and computational thinking that are transferrable to other projects. Providing a space where youth can work on personally meaningful projects with the support and mentorship they need to learn how to use the tools well and make great projects can inspire youth to pursue careers in related fields, while developing 21st Century skills.


"They loved working with the other kids, building friendships/relationships. They really enjoyed understanding how games and coding worked, getting to see "behind the scenes". Thank you so much for doing this program, understanding technology is going to be vitally important to our children! We really appreciate the time and effort you put into this program, thank you."

— Jessy (parent)


Makefully aims to be especially welcoming to participants who may not traditionally enter into STEM programs. Our focus on creative arts production as a pathway to coding, making, and engineering allows youth to develop the skills they need for achieving their creative visions and making connections across disciplines, versus being pushed through a didactic curriculum. In addition to developing these important technical skills, our goal is to also provide youth with a space to explore how to be creative problem solvers, collaborative team members, and good communicators, who aren’t afraid to share and explore their ideas.